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Buy & sell private car registration numbers or browse private number plates for sale.

Selling personal number plates

Cherished number plate for sale? - Save £££‘s
  • No hidden fees
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  • No commission fees
  • No relisting fees
  • No annual fees
  • Pay ONCE to advertise- that's it!
Personalised reg plates can take time to sell – we only charge once for a number plate advert. Don’t pay to relist and don’t pay dealer commissions- sell your private cherished number plate with minimal selling fees.

Smashing Plates makes buying & selling personalised registration plates easy and affordable- why use a car number plate dealer when you can use number plate classifieds.

Sell a personal number plate.

Not sure what your car reg is worth? Get a personal number plate valuation- our team search the cherished number plate market to accurately value your car number plate.

If you can sell your car number plate , then we offer some of the most advanced features on the net for getting your personalised registration number seen. Free picture uploading, keyword searching and number plate categories to name a few.

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Why sell personal car registration number plates via Smashing Plates?

Save money when selling a car number plate- why use a dealer and pay fees?

Smashing Plates is a new type of personal number plate website- pay no commission when your cherished number plate sells.

Save money and take control when selling vehicle registration number plates online.

Buy a private number plate

Looking to buy a car registration number plate? - With many great features, Smashing Plates allows you to browse, sort and search thousands of private number plates in a click.

If you can't find your ideal cherished number plate then a number plate wanted advert could be the answer- let the sellers come to you!

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Why buy a personalised number plate via Smashing Plates?

Buying private registration number plates from dealers means you could be paying a dealer commission fee.

Buy car registration numbers directly from the seller- cut out the middleman and save money.

Transfer a cherished number plate

If you are unsure if you can transfer your number plate or how to transfer a cherished number plate - then our website has some tips and guidance - but we're always available via Email for any queries.

Retaining a private number plate or extending your entitlement is very straightforward although most DVLA paperwork can appear daunting- read our guides on how this can be done- as well as adding or changing a nominee. If you're still unsure then send us an Email

Smashing Plates is an online marketplace for number plate adverts. We advertise cherished number plates on behalf of sellers- We do not sell dvla registrations from our own stock or on behalf of the DVLA

Number plate types

Dateless number plates | Suffix number plates | Prefix number plates | Current style number plates | Irish number plates

So if you're looking for Private number Plates, Personalised Registrations or Cherished number plates to name a few of the many terms to describe Number plates - make sure you visit us

DVLA is the body responsible for enforcing UK private number plates and car registrations regulations. All UK personal number plates must conform to current DVLA specs. The DVLA was formerly known as the DVLC, but that title is now obsolete and DVLA, is the only current and correct acronym. For information on the location of DVLA offices within the UK please follow the link: DVLA office locations.

Please note that the link goes to a SMASHING-PLATES information page created as a service to our visitors. It does not go to any part of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency site.

More information on private registration number plates character spacing is to be found on the DVLA website. also operates the following redirecting cherished number plate domains;

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buy & and sell private number plates online without commission.

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