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Assignment Letter
A letter indicating your transfer is successful and advising you of the next steps.
INS160: Guidance Notes
A leaflet providing information and guidance relating to the V5C
A certificate indicating a particular vehicle's roadworthiness.
Reminder Letter
A letter reminding you to renew your 12 month entitlement to a registration number on retention.
V5C/2: New keeper supplement
Your proof of ownership to be retained whilst your V5C is with the DVLA.
V5C: Registration Document
This document contains the name and address of the registered keeper and vehicle details (commonly called the Log Book).
V100: Registering and licensing your motor vehicle
A leaflet covering broad aspects of vehicle registration.
V317: Transfer Application
The form to apply for transfer of a registration number from one vehicle to another.
V750: Entitlement Certificate
Document issued by DVLA Swansea confirming a purchasers right to the registration mark specified on the certificate.
V778: Retention Certificate
A certificate confirming the registration number is no longer held on a vehicle but is retained.
V948: Numberplate Authorisation Certificate
An official document declaring your entitlement to a registration number.
V778/1: Retention Application
A Department of Transport form to apply to transfer the registration mark from a vehicle to a Retention Document.
You may obtain these documents from your DVLA local office or you can request the cherished transfer pack containing leaflets which fully explain the process of transferring a registration number.
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