Let's face it - number plates can be complex and confusing- this website has a wealth of information about buying and selling number plates as well as what numberplates are, how they are structured, their history etc etc

Too much information!

As a newbie to the world of numberplates we have lined up some of the most useful bits here to get you started on the right road.

Numberplate basics
What is a number plate?
Number plate history
Types of number plate
New Style

Buying numberplates
How to buy a number plate
Which number plate to buy?
Number plate investment
Wanted number plate adverts
How to transfer a number plate

Selling numberplates
How to sell a number plate
Can I sell my number plate?
What is my number plate worth?
How to transfer a number plate


Transferring numberplates
How to transfer a number plate?
DVLA fees

What is retention?
Can I retain my number plate?
How to retain my number plate

DVLA forms



- We also have created a number plate glossary to help explain some jargon terminology such as "prefix" or "assignment"

Still unsure?

If there's anything you don't understand or need help with then please Email us and we'll be happy to assist.

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