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Your advert - our apps – no extra cost*

*and no small print

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If you want to pay to advertise your plate and not use a dealer - then Number Plate Classifieds is the only number plate classifieds website to feature on our apps.

Users of our apps are tech savvy people who are deliberately searching for number plates to buy.

They are not interested in downloading a number plate dealer specific app or searching each dealer individually or using eBay.

They want the simplest route to search in the broadest possible manner to stand the best chance of finding their ideal number plate (that’s why they download our apps).

These are exactly the people you want to reach if you are selling your number plate.

Advertising your number plate privately will save you money - but only advertising privately with us will get you featured in our apps.

For no more than the price of your advert - which you never have to pay to relist by the way- your number plate will begin to appear in the thousands of monthly searches conducted across our number plate apps – increasing your potential to finding a buyer dramatically.

This is the same for wanted number plate adverts as it is when selling a number plate - we’re all about making number plates easier and more accessible and this is a prime example of the power of Number Plate Classifieds

You can find out more about our number plate apps here.